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Orient B3 Full Hydraulic Integrated Surface Down-The-Hole Drill Rig
Recommended hole range: 90-130 mm
Orient B3 integrated down the hole drill rig is a well-known and reliable DTH drill rig, with full of famous components suppliers in global market, the total power of the diesel engine is reduced by about 35%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50% than the separated drilling machines.
It upgrades the engine to Cummins 154 kW. With this more powerful engine, it makes the bigger holes to 90-130 mm, and the depth up to 30 m.
With all-in-one design, strong screw air compressor and hydraulic system, the smart design of the B3 solves the problems of air compressor transportation, air power and capacity loss, improves productivity.
Much better flexibility
Excellent return on investment.
Precise drilling for better blast results.
Excellent drilling quality and speed.
Feeding System
Cylinder and chain makes the feeding system more powerful and stable, longer the working life.
Feed Beam
We choose high strength spare parts to make the feed beam more reliable.
Power System
Equipped with Yuchai engine (Tire III / Euro III A) and high capacity air compressor.
Tramming System
Automatic frame oscillation system for excellent off-road performance.
Rotary head
Driven by powerful hydraulic motors, with high torque and stable speed for variable rock situation.
Dust Collection System
Leading two stage dry-type dust collection system with large filter and movable dust hood, up to 14 m2 coverage.
Reliable and legible console shows the parameter clearly on the fully functional operation console.Discount Surface Drill Rig
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