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Low temperature thermoplastic board
Specification: 900*600mm.
The thickness: 1.6mm, 2.0mm 2.4mm, 3.2mm 4.0mm.
Mesh: No mesh, 1%, 5%, 19%, 22%, 36%, 42%.
Color: white, blue, apricot, black.
Product Features
(1) Strong plasticity: Put it in hot water at 60-70鈩?and it can be completely transparent and softened. It can be stretched and shaped at will, and the operation is simple and fast.
(2) With memory function: when the shaping is not satisfactory, it can be put into 60-70鈩?hot water to soften again, the material can be restored to the previous size and shape, and can be shaped again and used repeatedly.
(3) Good air permeability and no fear of water: There are many meshes on the low-temperature thermoplastic board to increase skin ventilation, heat dissipation, and perspiration function, which can prevent skin redness and itching.
(4) Light weight, thin thickness and high strength: The thickness of low-temperature thermoplastic board is 1.6-4.0mm, which is only 1/4-1/3 of the weight of gypsum, and it has high toughness and is not easy to break or break.
(5) It has the function of bonding: In the thermoplastic molding operation, the surface or the section of the low-temperature thermoplastic board can be bonded at will. The operation is simple, convenient and fast.
(6) X-ray permeability is good: during re-examination, fluoroscopy and filming can be carried out without affecting or weakening the effect of X-ray fluoroscopy and filming.
(7) Easy to dismantle: When the low temperature thermoplastic board needs to be dismantled after use, it can be cut with ordinary scissors, and the operation is very simple.Low Temperature Thermoplastic price
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